About Us




  1. About Our Company

We are a manufactory wholesaler of Aroma lamps. We have our own designer so all of our products are custom made strictly for Merch-A-Mart. We are constantly creating new products for our customers. We love to keep our customers happy by having them up to date in modern style and allowing them to satisfy their clientele.


  1. New Business Goals - We have been in business for many years.  In this business experience is a must along with honesty which you will find in Merch-A-Mart our staff is trained to be honest with our clientele not to out sale.  Whether you are looking to start a new business or just to expand. Our staff can assist you with the top picks and best sellers to help you achieve your goals.  


  1. Shipping- When you order from Merch-A-Mart you will be amazed at the turnaround time. We strive our best to get your orders shipped immediately.  We still ask our client’s to please try to put in their orders at their earliest convenience.  Orders may be delayed in busy seasons such as Holidays or re open days after Holidays we ask you to take this into consideration.  All shipping is done only via FedEx.  Shipping is not free. However it will not be pre determine until your order is charged and packaged so there is a second charge applied towards your order which you will see in your final invoice for your shipping cost.


  1. Items out of stock- As a company we understand the importance of having items constantly in stock.  So we are constantly updating our site and removing any items that are out of stock. However in the events items are out of stock we will credit the amount towards shipping. If amount for items out of stock is higher than shipping cost money will be refunded right away. All refunds take 3-5 business days to process this is a banking procedure there is nothing that Merch-A-Mart can do to expedite this process.


  1. 5.     Welcoming you to the Merch-A-Mart Family-  Family is important which is why when you purchase from Merch-A-Mart your part of our family and we are no different than other families we love our clients. Together we are Merch-A-Mart.